Sonate for two guitars

1995 Sonate voor 2 gitaren

Short description about Vincent Vaneker and the sonata for 2 guitars.
Vincent Vaneker studied classical guitar at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam with Lex Eisenhardt.
The sonata for two guitars was written in 1995 for the guitar duo “Tietse” and “van Gelderen.” The sonata has 5 parts, part 2 and 4 are slow intermezzos, spherical pieces to compensate for the “boxing violence” in which the two guitars ended up in the other 3 parts. Very difficult is the last part in which the ecstasy and the tumult rise to the one moment in which agreement seems; the end chord.
Thanks to Hans van Gelderen and Katja Tietze for this beautiful and promising performance of this difficult work.